How often do new furniture pieces come in?
Andrew usually travels to France twice a year to purchase original furniture. Please visit our website, subscribe to our blog or join our mailing list, to find out when new shipments are arriving.

How much fabric do I need to cover a standard folding deckchair?
There are so many different sizes of deckchair - some are larger than others, so 1.5 meters should cover most deckchairs.

If you are purchasing our replacement deckchair slings, please note the following:

  • They do not have eyelets at the top and bottom.
  • The deckchair sling finished size is 141cm and is secured to the deck chair using dowls.

Is it possible to purchase replacement slings for deckchairs or director chairs that were NOT purchased from ici et la?
Yes. It is best to bring the old slings (not the whole chair) into the store if you are located in Sydney and we can make up new ones to your  specifications.  Please be aware that the fabric is 43cm wide and cost the same as regular replacement slings. $80 per sling for deckchairs, and per set (seat and back) for director chairs.

Can I leave my deckchair outside in all weather?
All timber left outside will weather and age overtime. The deckchair timber will lighten overtime and can be stained (if you so choose) using a timber oil or wax.

If you have a cotton deckchair sling and leave your deckchairs outside all the time, the fabric will deteriorate and can split if not looked after. We offer an outdoor deckchair material as an longer lasting alternative.

Is there a warranty on the deckchairs, director chairs and stools?
ici et la offers a 1 year (domestic use) warranty on the deckchairs, director chairs and stools.

Are fabrics washable?
The cotton fabrics are woven and are washable and colourfast. The quality of dyeing ensures the colours are best held at washing.
The outdoor fabrics can be spot cleaned using various cleaning methods. Please see fabric cleaning instructions.

Is the indoor stripe cotton fabric suitable for upholstery?
Yes, the woven cotton fabric is suitable for all home furnishings such as curtains, upholstery and table linen. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Does any shrinking occur in the cotton fabrics?
All cotton fabric will have some shrinkage. We notice up to 10% in the length and up to 3% in the width during the first wash. We advise that you pre-wash the fabric before use. Do not tumble dry the fabric

Do you provide samples?
Yes, we can send out up to 4 sample strips in the full length of the fabric - Around 5cm. Free of charge.

Do you ship Australia wide?
Yes we ship all around Australia. We don't however ship International at this time. Please contact us regarding international shipping.